Sample Collection

Urine & Saliva Collection Media Wicks

Porex's collection media eliminates adulteration of test results through ultra-pure production. In addition to customizations in wicking and absorption capabilities for specialized liquid transfer, our engineers optimize collection media performance through proprietary coatings that minimize non-specific binding and further reduce potential contamination.


Lateral Flow Assay Wicks

Combining highly customizable capillary action and industry-leading manufacturing techniques with innovations such as proprietary color change technology, Porex lateral flow assay wicks can satisfy any lateral flow liquid transfer requirement.


In Vitro Diagnostics

Porex's engineers create the porous components for accurate IVD tests in laboratories, clinical settings, and even homes across the planet. Wide ranges in material formulations and designs can be customized for specialized IVD challenges.


Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests

Porex's lateral flow assay wicks offer proven performance – they’ve become the industry standard for home pregnancy and ovulation tests around the world. Optimized capillary action, high purity, and proprietary color change technology enable faster testing speeds with more reliable, easier-to-interpret results.