p-BNC: Flexible Platform for Microfluidic Testing White Paper

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Advances in lab-on-a-chip systems have strong potential for detection of a wide range of analytes with reduced sample and reagent volume, lower costs and shorter analysis times. The completion of high-fidelity multiplexed and multiclass assays remains a huge challenge for the medical microdevice field, as it struggles to achieve and expand upon results that are achieved now routinely in remote laboratory settings with new technologies that can complete similar studies at the point-of-care.

This paper features a public-private collaboration that has generated powerful new programmable bio-nano-chip cartridges suitable for both research and clinical usage. A case study here summarized features prototype microfluidic cartridges from the McDevitt Research Group (Rice University) that have been adapted to include MiniFAB’s design for manufacturing expertise as well as unique filter and membrane components as provided by Porex.

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