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    Gas Absorbing Materials: Innovative Solutions for Filters and Vents

    Gas-absorbing materials are a crucial aspect of material science. With the advent of innovative technologies and materials, these absorbing agents have proven to be highly efficient in removing target gases. This post aims to explore the intricate world of these absorbing agents by examining their characteristics and applications An Overview of Gas-Absorbing Materials Gas absorption […]

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    The Science of Ink Flow Management Brochure

    With a legacy of over 50 years, Porex® nibs and reservoirs have set the benchmark for consumer satisfaction in writing instruments across a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types. Leading manufacturers worldwide rely on the exceptional quality and reliability of our components to secure customer loyalty and maintain their dominant market presence. Our specialized […]

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    Advanced Wound Care Foam Brochure

    POREX® Wound Care Foam is the ideal wound care solution. Our high performance foams provide a host of advantages for patient healing and comfort. The semi-occlusive foam matrix protects wounds and allows them to breathe, all while promoting moisture therapy. Our diverse line of foams features wide-ranging physical properties and options for enhancement with additives, […]

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    The Many Paths Towards Sustainability

    You’ve no doubt heard the word ‘sustainability’ recently.  It’s one of the latest topics concerning manufactured products.  Can it be more environmentally friendly?  Can it be recycled?  Is it biodegradable or compostable?  All of these answers add up to a sustainable product.  For some manufacturers, it’s easy to design from scratch, keeping in mind the […]

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    Chemical Compatibility Chart – Polymer Comparison

    Our chemical compatibility chart is a valuable resource that provides information on how different polymers react with various chemicals. It will help make informed decisions when choosing materials for specific applications where exposure to different substances is a concern.  Download our chart below 

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    Portable Oxygen Concentrator Case Study

    An application case study highlighting how Porex engineers solved the problem of too much noise, material stability, and sterility with one component for a portable oxygen concentrator.

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    Your Partner in Cosmetics Innovation Video

    Discover the power of porous polymers in cosmetics innovation and hear firsthand from makeup artists as they share their experiences with Porex’s breadth of high-performance cosmetics applicators.

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    Porex – Your Partner in Medical Innovation Video

    Watch this video to see the breadth of custom healthcare component innovation made possible by Porex’s porous polymers and material science expertise. Discover the extensive range of customized functional solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare applications.

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    Porex – Your Partner in Innovation Video

    Explore Porex’s engineering and design solutions as they bring customer product ideas to life. With a collaborative approach, Porex partners with customers to tackle intricate design challenges, including absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking with unmatched material science expertise and unwavering support.

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    Science Inside Video Series: How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

    Discover the science behind pregnancy tests and the porous fiber wick mechanism that collects urine and transfers it from the outside to the reagents inside the test, leading to accurate and reliable test results.

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