Absorption Solutions
Absorption Solutions
Absorption Solutions


Custom porous solutions that enable the uptake of a fluid so that it can be held onto and not leaked, overflowed, or spilled.
Absorption Solutions
Custom porous solutions that enable the uptake of a fluid so that it can be held onto and not leaked, overflowed, or spilled.
absorption function

What is the function of absorption?

Absorption is one of the most common – and crucial – means of controlling liquids. In cleaning applications, a material’s capacity to absorb and trap contaminants can mean the difference between a sterile or compromised environment. In medical applications, a material’s capacity to absorb and contain liquids like blood and exudations can mean the difference between life and death. Porex uses a variety of polymeric fiber and polyurethane foam technologies to achieve a regulated absorption.

As an example of our absorption solutions, Porex provides wound care dressing manufacturers with advanced dressing solutions that have increased absorptive capacity, greater tear strength, and high fluid retention under compression – without compromising softness and comfort. Our medical-grade foam-fiber hybrid material features a fiber web throughout a super-soft hydrophilic foam matrix. Our solution dramatically increases absorbency while enhancing overall performance and comfort, providing an ideal absorption solution for critical medical applications that enables faster healing of acute and chronic wounds.

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Mastering Absorption: Controlling Liquid Retention & Release with Porous Polymers

Problems that absorption media can solve:

  • Collecting and holding a biological sample for testing, such as a saliva test
  • Holding an electrolyte solution that will absorb or react with unwanted gases in a sensor device
  • Collecting and holding unwanted house odors such as carbon odor eliminators
  • Absorbing noise produced by pneumatic tools for a more pleasant work environment
  • Absorbing fluid exudate in wounds to help patients heal faster
  • Absorbing a makeup formula on an applicator for transfer to the skin

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Common applications for porous absorption media

Sample Collection

In-vitro diagnostics sample collection media

An accurate diagnosis starts with the collection of a sample. Our collection media offer ideal capillary structures with customization for wicking, absorption and flow – critical properties for the controlled delivery of biologic samples.

Filtration Solutions

Energy storage devices (batteries)

Our POREX® porous HRM (high release media) fiber media act as an absorption reservoir for electrolytes and wicking materials that can control and dispense fluids used in energy storage devices.

Fragrance Delivery and Odor eliminators

Odor eliminators for the home

From refrigerators to trash receptacles, multiple places around the home can contain odors. POREX® odor eliminators can be loaded with carbon and other functional additives to absorb and remove odors from the air in a room or closed space.

Sepsis Blood Filtration Adsorber

Medical Devices – Blood Management

In partnership with blood management device manufacturers, POREX® porous materials provide an optimal binding surface for endotoxins in patients with severe sepsis to remove them. 

Nubiform Applicators

Makeup delivery reservoirs

Porex designs customized delivery reservoirs that absorb and release formula for optimized application of any eyeliner, lip liner or lip gloss formulation.  Made entirely from fiber or film sealed wraps, our lip and eyeliner reservoirs combine customized capillary structures with specially formulated fiber blends to be compatible with a wide range of chemicals.

Medisponge supersoft foams

Medical foam for advanced wound care

By developing solutions including antimicrobial foam, scar management foams and wound care foams, Porex works with wound dressing manufacturers to meet their patients’ needs with optimized exudate absorption combined with maximum patient comfort characteristics.

Reservoirs for Coloring Markers

Writing instrument reservoir and nib systems

As a global leader in the Science of Ink Flow Management, our engineers design nib and reservoir combinations that act as optimized systems to provide maximum ink delivery and control, and protect against leaks.  Nibs with the perfect porosity and capillarity are paired with reservoirs that absorb and release ink with the optimal fiber type, fiber density and wrap materials for your specific ink and instrument body.