Industrial Packaging

Containers stay strong and "breathe easy" with high quality vents.

Equalize container pressure to prevent distortion or damage with vents

Multiple complications can arise when industrial and consumer container products are processed, transported and stored. These products can become bloated, collapse or even explode due to unequal pressure. Container manufacturers trust POREX® vents to enable their containers to “breathe,” thereby equalizing pressure within the container to prevent distortion or damage.

Vents engineered to exact closure specifications that:

  • Feature POREX™ Virtek® material that enables a constant controlled vent rate while retaining and safeguarding container contents.
  • Are effective with a wide variety of contained materials including solvent or water-based solutions; granular or powder chemicals; foods and beverages; and low surface tension fluids such as oils, detergents and surfactants.
  • Ensure safety with gas transfer capability in both directions based on pressure equalization needs.
Industrial Packaging - Cap and closure vents details

Cap and Closure Vents for Industrial Containers

Assure container integrity during transportation and storage

Household Cleaner

Vents for Household Cleaning Supplies

Prevent leakage of household cleaning products

Cap and Closure Vents for Industrial Containers

cap and closure vents details

Assure container integrity during transportation and storage

POREX® Virtek™ vent material addresses industrial packaging requirements to allow container integrity throughout the transportation and storage process. Container manufacturers value our weldable, breathable, leak-resistant material as a solution for venting many types of industrial and consumer containers.

Designed for use with solvent or water-based solutions, granular chemicals, or for use with low surface tension fluids such as oils, detergents and surfactants, our cap and closure vents:

  • Protect container integrity – Prevent pressure change complications through the transportation and storage process with a breathable, leak-free solution.
  • Secure containers – POREX Virtek™ material has excellent strength properties, which enable weldable or press-fit assembly, providing manufacturing flexibility and convenience.
  • Maximize container performance – Engineered high airflow provides consistent pressure equalization with superior leak resistance.


Material Performance
Product # Material Water Intrusion Pressure (mbar)
(l/hr/cm2 @ 10 mbar)
Thickness (mm)
96193 PE 150 14 0.7
9619 PE 150 10 1.5
9948 PE 180 7 3.1
PM3V PTFE 400 9 0.18
PM22S PTFE 525 8 0.25
PM6M PTFE 770 3 0.1


Material Properties
Properties PTFE* PP PE
Heat Resistance (softening point) 260°C 172°C 130°C
Heat Resistance (melting point) >260°C 193°C 160°C
Hydrophobicity Excellent Good Good
Oleophobicity Available upon request N/A N/A
Geometry Sheet/vent plug/disc Sheet/vent plug Sheet/vent plug

*PTFE compliant with UN Dangerous Goods Packaging Performance Standard:

Part 6.1.5 of Chapter 6.1 of the United Nations Model Regulations, 15th Edition


POREX® Cap Closure Vents
Product Description
PM22SR 330mm Roll
PM22STR Oleo 330mm Roll
PM22SDC 16mm Disc
PM22STDC Oleo 16mm Disc



airflow values


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Vents for Household Cleaning Supplies


Household Cleaner detail

Prevent leakage of household cleaning products 

Household cleaning product manufacturers know the risks associated with unwanted container leakage and contact with skin. To increase security of these products, our POREX Virtek™ vent material protects product container integrity with breathable pressure equalization while minimizing the risk of unwanted leakage.

Providing a safe, reliable solution, our vents:

  • Maintain package integrity, providing a breathable, leak-resistant vent solution to protect contents from leaking.
  • Enable secure and convenient assembly with both weldable and press-fit assembly capability.
  • Protect consumers with leak-resistant venting for everyday cleaning supplies.



Dimensions Material Series
OD/ID (mm)* PMV10L PMV15 PMV20 PMV30
7.0/3.0 (N) PMV10LN PMV15N PMV20N PMV30N
10.0/7.0 (I) PMV10LI PMV15I PMV20I PMV30I
12.7/7.1 (W) PMV10LW PMV15W PMV20W PMV30W
20.0/13.0 (C) PMV10LC PMV15C PMV20C PMV30C


Dimensions Material Series
OD/ID (mm)* PMV15 Feature
12.7/7.1 (W) PMV15WH High temperature adhesive
12.7/7.1 (W) PMV15TWH Oleophobic with high temp adhesive
*1000 discs/roll
N, I, W & C are size codes.
Many other standard and custom sizes availble. Contact Porex.


POREX® Virtek™ PTFE Membrane Application Materials — Typical Properties
Application Material IP Rating † WEP mbar Airflow l/hr/cm² @70mbar Filtration Efficiency** >99.99% Thickness mm Max Operating Temp °C UL-94/746C* Salt Fog
PMV10 64,67 270 125 0.5 µ 0.13 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
PMV10L*** 64,67 270 85 0.5 µ 0.3 100°C - No pen.
PMV15 64,67 380 70 0.4 µ 0.18 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
‡PMV15T 64,67 380 70 0.4 µ 0.18 260°C - No pen.
PMV20 64,65,68 520 34 0.1 µ 0.25 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
PMV25 65,67,68 750 15 0.2 µ 0.1 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
PMV30 65,66,67,68 1000 4.5 0.1 µ 0.25 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
WEP = Water Entry Pressure
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant
** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing
† IEC std. 60529, IP 68 is a user defined test; will pass condition dependent
‡ Oleophobic Grade 8, AATCC TM 118
Properties are typical and not meant for specifications.
Properties for membrane only, selected options and adhesives may affect properties.
Testing results available upon request


POREX® Virtek™ PTFE Vent Plugs — Typical Properties
Part # Diameter mm Thickness mm WEP mbar IP Rating † Vent Airflow l/hr/cm² @70mbar Max Operating Temp °C UL-94 Rating
PD103032 3.2 3 450 64,67,68 1 260°C 5VA, f1
Plugs meet UL-94 5VA and F1 rating.
Assembly methods include: press fit, over-moulding, compression seal, or flange welding.


Adhesive Vent Available Sizes
Available Sizes
OD (in mm) ID (in mm)
7 3
10 7
10.2 6.5
11 7
12.7 7.1
13 10
14.8 11
14.8 7
15.8 9
16 11
18 13
18.6 10.6
19.1 11.5
20 13
25.4 19
50 30

*Highlighted rows indicate stock items.

Custom sizes available upon request


nominal airflow values

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