The world's highest quality makeup sponges for use in compacts of any size or shape

Proudly Made In the USA

All products are designed & manufactured in the USA


All products can be made with plant based foam

Customize the shape, formulation and configuration of our makeup sponge to fit any compact

Available in a variety of shapes designed to fit any compact, POREX compact makeup sponges can be created in a broad selection of formulations – including antimicrobial, infused, and eco-friendly. Our compact makeup sponges are available in low and no-swell configurations to make the perfect tool to flawlessly apply any makeup compact formula.

  • Eliminate potential for contamination with single use disposable round applicators
  • Great for touchups and hard to reach surfaces
  • Minimal absorption of makeup into porous structure
  • Economical and travel friendly
  • Sustainable formulations available upon request

Infusion Options:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Wide variety of color pigments and dyes, carbon
  • Color changing

Formats Available:

  • Rollstock
  • Die-cut shapes and texture

Assembly & Converting Options:

  • Grinding
  • Die-cutting
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Tech Specs

Our cosmetic makeup sponges are customizable across a wide variety of technical specifications, including thickness, density, and tensile strength. Check out the broad range of possibilities for your sponges.


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