New viral filtration efficiency (VFE) testing shows efficacy of Porex medical device filtration materials in helping to protect against spread of bacteria and viruses

Porex is one of the first in industry to initiate VFE testing for its porous polymer-based materials; results show components protect against certain aerosolized viruses

(Fairburn, GA – January 6, 2021) To address the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) from aerosolized viral particles, Porex Corporation, a global leader in porous polymers, has pioneered the use of VFE testing methods for materials used in medical device design. Likely the first in the porous polymer material science industry to run the new analysis on filtration media, the components were able to consistently obtain a 99.9987% VFE score, showing that its materials effectively help to protect healthcare workers and patients from aerosol-based viruses potentially present in medical settings.

Porex initiated VFE testing for its materials after observing the needs of its customers, which frequently fielded concerns from patients and healthcare workers seeking information that the components used in various equipment procedures would not pose risks of a HAI contraction.

Nearly one in 31 hospital patients acquires a HAI—and these infections lead to an estimated 99,000 annual deaths in American hospitals alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).[1] Healthcare workers face similar—if not greater—threats due to frequent exposure to viral pathogens.

“The pandemic has magnified what was already a pressing issue in healthcare settings around the world, which is that inadequate filtration materials put patients and professionals at risk of contracting dangerous viruses,” said Avi Robbins, vice president, global product development and R&D at Porex. “We took the step to lead the materials industry into VFE testing to validate efficacy, and we are thrilled to confirm that our filtration and venting components are trustworthy and reliable for blocking viral particle spread.”

Porex develops venting and filtration solutions by leveraging several core technology platforms such as sintered particles, bonded fiber, PTFE and Oxyphen track-etched membranes. Filtration and venting media from Porex are suitable for suction canisters, catheters, syringes and other medical equipment utilized in aerosol-generating medical procedures. More information about these materials, their design and capabilities are available at

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