Arterial Syringe Vent Brochure

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The arterial syringe is used to collect blood for blood gas analysis directly from an artery to
measure oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood. A vent in the cap both seals the sample
airtight so that it is preserved during transport to the lab for analysis and protects healthcare workers
and other patients from exposure to aerosolized and blood-borne viruses and bacteria. Porex
offers a broad portfolio of arterial syringe venting configurations that can be selected and customized
for a specific device and allow for a maximum Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Viral
Filtration Efficiency (VFE).

Download the brochure to discover the various types and significant benefits of Porex Arterial Syringe Vents, engineered to safeguard healthcare workers and patients by preventing exposure to aerosolized and blood-borne pathogens, contributing to a safer healthcare environment.