The Science INSIDE Webinar Series
Delivering Robust Hydrophobic Membranes: An Introduction to Sintered PTFE Membrane Technology

Recorded on:
Feb. 24, 2021
11:00 am (ET)

In this webinar, you will learn about a unique porous polymer membrane technology that is not as well-known as common cast and expanded membranes.  Patented and manufactured Porex, Porex Virtek PTFE membranes feature a robust and durable membrane made from 100% pure sintered PTFE with properties such as excellent temperature and chemical resistance along with its naturally ultra-hydrophobicity.  The unique manufacturing process that utilizes both sintering followed by skiving can target specific customer requirements for pore size, density, and membrane thickness that affect air flow and water entry pressure, making these membranes ideal for water and dust-tight venting applications.  A secondary oleophobic treatment is also available that can meet the stringent AATCC Grade 8 designation which is useful in automotive and industrial applications. 

Perfect for design and manufacturing engineers who either have a next-generation product concept or need to fix a problem with an existing product, this webinar will illustrate how this technology is used in a variety of applications from medical device vents and filters to automotive and consumer electronic vents and industrial vents.  Virtek PTFE is also a naturally diffuse reflector of UV light and is also widely used as a highly reflective media.

Join host Gerry DiBattista, VP of Marketing for Porex PTFE, as he takes attendees through the science inside Porex Virtek membrane technology and how it compares with other membrane types.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Learn how Porex Virtek PTFE membranes are designed and manufactured
  • See the technology in action in specific application examples across life sciences, automotive, electronics and industrial markets
  • Better understand the advantages of a pure sintered PTFE membrane over other membrane technologies
  • Understand how the robustness and consistency of the manufacturing process can increase performance of your product

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Host Biography:

Gerry DiBattista, Global VP of Marketing at Porex

Gerry is the Global Vice President for Porex’s PTFE business unit. Porex, a business of Filtration Group, is a porous materials manufacturer headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with product development and manufacturing facilities in USA, Germany, Scotland, Malaysia and China. Gerry has a diverse experience of over 30 years in the areas of Manufacturing, R&D, Operations, Product Management, Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Business Management for a wide variety of industry segments. An expert in materials and material science, Gerry leads a global team to develop a robust and sustainable product portfolio based on PTFE by working closely with customers and industry associations. Gerry holds an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business, and a bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.