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diagnostics: Collection to Detection

Certified Pure PorexDiagnostic products from Porex Corporation are design optimized to help ensure performance, purity, accuracy and reproducibility in demanding IVD, molecular and clinical diagnostic sample preparation, and microfluidic applications. The distinct range of innovative products and OEM advanced porous materials, micro porous PTFE, porous polymeric fiber, porous composites and functionalized and bio-activated porous media, combine unique Porex manufacturing processes with proprietary and patented technologies to help deliver technologically advanced solutions for today’s challenging diagnostics applications.

POREX® Filters and Materials for the diagnostics market are third party tested by analytical, clinical, and life cycle microbiology laboratories. The Pure Porex™ certification substantiates POREX Filters and Materials for filter purity, no material additives or contaminants, no heavy metal interference or inorganic element interference, diagnostic laboratory methodology compatibility, 99.9% bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency. POREX Filters and Materials were further tested by independent laboratories and determined to be non-cytotoxic and non-hemolytic.1

1 Testing by independent laboratories. Data on file and available on request.

image link to study: systematic analysis of leachables and extractables in liquid handling componentsimage link to study: technical performance and diagnostic media certification program


The first step in an accurate diagnosis is sample collection. POREX® collection media offers ideal capillary structure for sample collection with customization in wicking and absorption properties for controlled delivery of samples. A proprietary color change technology allows for methodology assurance. Collection media is optimized to enhance surface energy and increase recovery of analytes, reduce viscosity and minimize non-specific binding, thus reducing potential contamination.

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POREX® unique Matrix Sampling Technology and POREX TRANS-IT SQ-EASY® allow transport collect, transport, store and release of samples upon demand.

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To get quick and reliable results, the sample must be properly prepared – a process that can be complicated and time-consuming. POREX® offers FDA class I and class II disposable devices designed to reduce instrument downtime and provide an all-in-one sample preparation system.

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Microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, molecular diagnostics, and POC applications rely on the use of highly specialized, pure materials and media. POREX® products are designed to enhance sample filtration, absorption, particulate capture, de-bubbling, venting, fluid metering, separation, and more.

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