Life Sciences – Diagnostics

Microfluidic Cartridges

Advanced microfluidic solutions for enhanced analytical performance

Empowering Analytical Performance with Microfluidic Cartridge Filters and Vents

Porex offers advanced microfluidic solutions for enhanced analytical performance in a compact device footprint. Our customizable microfluidic cartridges provide a range of functions and components designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the diagnostics industry. With POREX® microfluidic media and filters, you can achieve sample filtration, absorption, particulate capture, debubbling, venting, fluid metering, and separation in real-time PCR, molecular diagnostics, and lab-on-a-chip applications.

Our certified pure POREX® materials ensure optimal performance, accuracy, and reproducibility while minimizing interference with critical samples and assays. The components can be easily integrated into your device using common manufacturing techniques, making the manufacturing process more efficient. We also offer customized material solutions, leveraging our proprietary material technology expertise to find the right material for your specific medical or diagnostic device needs.

Microfluidic Debubbler and Vent Membranes

Porex PTFE hydrophobic vents can successfully eliminate bubble occurrences – even in low vacuum conditions to promote fluid flow through microchannels.

Microfluidic Filtration and Separation

Porex filters ensure performance, purity, accuracy, and reproducibility in demanding IVD, molecular and clinical diagnostic sample preparation, liquid handling, and microfluidic applications.