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CCV Filtration That Improves Emissions & Engine Performance

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Optimize CCV Filtration Efficiency – Remove Over 95% of Oil Mist from Engine Blow-by Gases

To help automotive manufacturers meet global emissions standards, Porex offers unique bonded fiber technology for closed crankcase ventilation filters that delivers a consistently low-pressure drop to promote oil retention, and consequently, improve engine efficiency. These filters can also be customized to specific dimensional and performance requirements, including oleophobic treatment options to increase filter life. 

With Porex’s Crankcase Ventilation Filtration Media, automotive manufacturers gain a competitive edge by ensuring optimal engine performance and environmental compliance. The advanced design and customization options enable enhanced filter life, while oleophobic treatment options further enhance the durability and effectiveness of the filtration system. By partnering with Porex, manufacturers can achieve their emissions goals without compromising engine efficiency, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for crankcase ventilation filtration. Porex’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that their filtration media delivers exceptional results, empowering automotive manufacturers to deliver high-performance, eco-friendly vehicles.

Crankcase Ventilator (CCV) Filtration Media

The CCV system works to relieve any pressure from the engine’s crankcase caused by blow-by gases through rerouting the gases back into the engine’s intake manifold to be consumed by the engine.

The CCV filter media accepts the blow-by gases from the engine through the inlet port and coalesces the aerosols formed by the engine oils in the exhaust gases while filtering out fine dust, particulate matter, nitrous oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons before allowing the gases to exit the outlet port back to the intake manifold – and the oil to exit the oil drain back to the oil sump.


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Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Porex’s customized, direct-formed bonded fiber filters can be used for closed crankcase ventilation systems, offering a lower pressure drop with consistently high filtration efficiency that removes over 95% of oil mist and particulates from engine blow-by gases. This not only maintains clean air recirculation into the intake manifold and oil into the crankcase oil sump but also reduces utilization of the bypass system, further reducing NOx emissions. Porex CCV filtration material not only helps engines meet global emission standards but its lower initial pressure drop and oil repellency also reduces filter saturation, maintaining a lower differential pressure which can extend filter and engine life.

  • Ultra-fine filtration capturing
  • Superior aerosol filtration and collection for clean system operation
  • Oleophobic treatments can remove and coalesce oil particles from the airstream for return to the crankcase
  • Greater design flexibility – eliminate pleating, use of binders or adhesives, and multilayer filter media
  • Reduced assembly complexity & product costs
  • Excellent oil drainage capabilities for longer filter life
  • Lower pressure drop that maintains a high filtration efficiency
  • Filtration stability regardless of fuel and airflow rate fluctuations – virtually eliminates oil drip, reduces oil consumption, minimizes engine maintenance, and extend system life
  • Reduced filter footpring
  • Polyesters
  • Polyolefins
  • Nylons
  • Customizable shapes & sizes

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