COVID-19 Update

Please read our message from Rob Carpio, president of Porex


At Porex, we take the risk associated with the continued global spread of the COVID-19 infection very seriously.   Please see below for the current status of our employee policies and plant operations as of March 17, 2020. 

Employee health & safety

Our employees’ health and safety are core to our company values and remain our priority.  We continue to monitor the WHO, CDC, and government protocols to inform our own decisions regarding the health and safety of our employees.

During the COVID-19 outbreak in China, our manufacturing site in Ningbo was closed on government directive in January and re-opened mid-February. To be allowed to reopen, Porex, like all other local manufacturers, had to apply stringent employee health screenings, hygiene protocols, interaction minimizations and personal safe space requirements at our facility.   We are proud of our China team’s implementation of these protocols and how our employees have been kept safe. Porex has since rolled out the Ningbo policies at all eight global manufacturing locations.  To date, no employee has been infected.

Customer-related employee travel policy:

In addition, we have put into action necessary risk mitigation protocols regarding customer-related employee travel: 

  • We have suspended all business travel, including usage of any public transportation, until further notice.  This includes all countries in which we do business.
  • Business will be conducted remotely using electronic collaboration tools for meetings and engagements. 
  • We are fully committed to meet our customer needs and to make sure all work progress with minimal impact on our customers as a result of these policies.

Plant operations

We have been working diligently to remain fully operational across our global sites with full material supply from our vendors.  However, the COVID-19 impact has been dynamic and will not always be predictable within each impacted country.   Within the past 24 hours, our Malaysia and Bautzen plants have been negatively impacted by local government restrictions as they attempt to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Malaysia plant update

On March 16, the Malaysia government announced a country-wide Movement Control order that effectively shuts down all non-critical operations from midnight on March 18 through April 30.  While the local government has approved the continuation of all critical medical lines, all other production lines have been shut down effective March 18. 

In the 24 hours since the government order, our Malaysia operations team began shipping out available inventory and will continue to do so during the shut-down.  The team is developing a production schedule for when the plant reopens on May 1 for those orders originally scheduled to be produced during the closed period. 

Bautzen plant update

Our Bautzen facility in Germany is experiencing a labor shortage due to the government limiting cross-border movement.  While the facility is still operational, the labor shortage is causing some deliveries to be delayed. 

North American plant update

Our North American plants are located in St. Charles, MI; Richmond, VA; and Fairburn, GA.  Below are updates on all three locations:

  • St. Charles, MI:  Our plant in St. Charles, Michigan is continuing operations in support of healthcare and critical infrastructure operations.  These operations are not subject to the recently announced temporary suspension of business operations in Michigan.
  • Richmond, VA:  Our plant in Richmond, Virginia continues to operate.  It is not subject to recently announced temporary restrictions on restaurants, recreational, and non-essential retail businesses in Virginia.
  • Fairburn, GA: Our plant in Fairburn, Georgia continues to operate.  There are no current state or local government orders impacting our operations.  We will continue monitoring any orders or communications by state and local government officials.

Customer communications

Any customer impacted by a shipment delay from either of these two facilities will be contacted and kept updated by their account team.  If you have any questions, please contact your sales manager or customer care.   Click here for a list of all global customer care contacts.

We continue to monitor closely the developing situation at each of our global sites, staying in regular contact with local government agencies and health organizations.   Any change to our global site operations will be communicated to you.  We will also post all relevant updates here.

Thank you for your patience and trust in Porex.