Designed to ensure flexibility and product functionality.
Designed to ensure flexibility and product functionality.

Enabling electronics and next generation telecommunication systems

Flexibility is critical in today’s world. Specifically designed to ensure flexibility and product functionality, our POREX® electronics substrates exhibit excellent dielectric properties with a dielectric constant as low as 1.4. 

Our POREX Virtek® PTFE films are microporous polytetrafluoroethylene materials that deliver:

  • Low dielectric constant and high temperature resistance ideal for antenna systems, with the ability to withstand solder reflow at 260 °C
  • Robust material thatdoes not collapse under pressure
  • Surface structure allows printing or plating of metals.
  • Consistent airflow performance even after being handled in the assembly process


Low Dielectric Material

Low energy absorption for high-frequency applications

Protection Vents

Environmental Protection Vents

Protect your outdoor electronics with environmental protection vents

Low Dielectric Material


Lower energy absorption for high-frequency applications

High-frequency applications, such as antennae systems, require low energy absorption. Trusted by manufacturers around the world, our low dielectric materials:

  • Ensure purity and manufacturability–POREX Virtek PTFE is pure PTFE and does not require a backing or support scrim like expanded PTFE.  This allows for assembly via heat or vibrational welding.
  • Deliver low dielectric constants–Offer constants as low as 1.4.
  • Surface structure allows printing or plating of metals
  • Improve device effectiveness–Material can be made into two and three-dimensions shapes from a variety of substrates, plus the ability to trap functional additives or catalysts within the pore structure.
Example of POREX Porous PTFE Dielectric Properties
Gap Z0 K Tan 𝛿 Qu Qt F,GHz dB Unc. Qt Unc. F,kHz Unc.dB sd/fit #pts
15 38.5 1.46 0.0012 231.8 231.1 0.81420 50.79 0.1452 0.5 0.002 0.00913 101s
35 38.5 1.46 0.0008 393.9 392.8 2.44068 50.76 0.5300 1.9 0.003 0.02036 101s
40 38.5 1.46 0.0007 443.6 442.2 3.25346 50.25 0.4400 1.6 0.002 0.01461 101s
55 38.5 1.46 0.0006 582.3 580.6 5.69387 50.80 0.7073 2.6 0.003 0.01801 101s
64 38.5 1.46 0.0006 651.4 649.5 8.13362 51.02 1.2086 5.1 0.005 0.02725 101s
75 38.5 1.46 0.0004 770.1 767.9 10.57427 50.74 1.0921 4.2 0.003 0.02040 101s
90 38.5 1.46 0.0005 793.1 790.6 13.8262 50.26 1.5756 7.7 0.005 0.02973 101s
Example based on PM 2010. Pore size: 15-25µ, porosity: 50-60%

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Environmental Protection Vents

IP Protection Vents

Protect your outdoor electronics with environmental protection vents

POREX® IP Rated enclosure vents for outdoor electronics provide reliable pressure equalization and protection from rough outdoor conditions for applications such as heavy-duty machinery, transportation equipment, security systems and telecommunications systems.

Specifically designed for outdoor applications, our enclosure vents:

  • Equalize pressure–Air-permeable structure reduces pressure build-up and allows heat to escape electronic enclosures, protecting enclosure seals from premature failure.
  • Protect against contaminants–POREX Virtek materials repel dust, water, sweat, oils and other liquids from entering the enclosure.
  • Assemble easily– Sintered structure allows material to be handled and welded without cumbersome assembly instructions.
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POREX Virtek® PTFE Membrane — Typical Properties

Item NumberIP Rating †WEP* Typical
Typical Airflow
l/hr/cm² @70mbar
Filtration Efficiency**
Max Operating
Temp °C
UL-94/746CSalt Fog$
PMV1064,672701070.5 µ0.13260°CV-0/f2No pen.
PMV10L***64,67270850.5 µ0.3100°CNo pen.
PMV1564,67370750.4 µ0.18260°CV-0/f2No pen.
‡PMV15T64,67370750.4 µ0.18260°CNo pen.
PMV2064,65,68520250.1 µ0.25260°CV-0/f2No pen.
PMV2565,67,68765170.2 µ0.1260°CV-0/f2No pen.
PMV2765,66,67,68105070.1 µ0.19260°CV-0/f2No pen.

† IEC std. 60529; IP 68 is a user defined and results must be verified by the user
*WEP = Water Entry Pressure
** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
$ASTM B117-11 test method
***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing
‡ Oleophobic, AATCC TM 118 – Grade 8 – other membranes can also be treated to meet Grade 8 upon request
Properties are typical and not meant for specifications. Selected options and adhesives may effect properties
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant (PFOA Free)


Dimenions (OD x ID in mm)

Material Series5 x 2 mm*7 x 3 mm10 x 6 mm12.7 x 7.1 mm20 x 13 mm
*All products offered in 1,000 discs/roll excluding 5 x 2 mm series which is offered in 10,000 discs per roll
Special order items highlighted for higher MOQ. All others are stocked items
3M 93020LE adhesive standard (120 °C continuous use temperature
# Oleophobic treated and high temperature adhesive (good to 150 °C)
M, N, P, W & C are size codes as listed in column heading.
Many other standard and custom sizes available. Contact Porex for more information
Virtetek PTFE

Adhesive Vent AvailableStandard Sizes

Available SizesAvailable Sizes
OD x ID (mm)Parts Across
5 x 24
7 x 3*1
7.6 x 3.31
7.6 x 3.34
10 x 6*1
10 x 65
12.7 x 7.1*1
14 x 81
20 x 13*1
21 x 161
25.4 x 191
30 x 251
40 x 321
40/19.5 x 30/9.5**6
*Some materials / size options in-stock
**Rectangular format
Longer lead times for non-stocked items
Custom sizes available upon request

POREX Virtek® PTFE Vent Plugs — Typical Properties

Item NumberDiameter
mm (in.)
mm (in.)
WEP* mbarIP RatingTypical Vent Airflow
l/hr @70mbar
Max Operating
Temp °C
Filtration Efficiency
UL-94 Rating
PD1030323.2 (1/8″)3 (1/8″)45064,67,681260°C0.5 µ5VA, f1
PD1030636.3 (1/4″)3 (1/8″)45064,67,683.8260°C0.5 µ5VA, f1

*WEP = Water Entry Pressure
† IEC std. 60529; IP 68 is a user defined and results must be verified; product has not been specifically tested – passing is based on results from similar products
Assembly methods include: press fit, over-molding, compression seal, adhesive bonding or flange welding.
Numerous custom and standard options available. Please contact your local Porex sales representative to determine what is available.
Properties are typical and not meant for specifications.
RoHS, WEEE, and REACH Compliant (PFOA Free)

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