DS Technology GmbH Partners with Porex to Develop A Compact, Drug Intake Device That Makes Swallowing Medication Easy


Drug Intake device

(Fairburn, GA – Sept. 18, 2019) – Taking medication can be problematic and stressful for children and seniors who have difficulty swallowing or face other medical restrictions. However, a new drinking straw device equipped with a filter component from Porex not only makes it easier to ingest but provides added convenience for the user. Using a porous filter solution from Porex, the XStraw® from DS Technology GmbH is designed for safe, pre-portioned oral drug intake to ensure a precise dose upon each use. To operate, a person simply removes the cap, dips the XStraw into a beverage of his or her choice and ingests the proper drug dosage (pellets or granules) by sucking on the straw. 

“We all know how challenging it can be for some people to take medication,” said Ronald Geisler, Porex sales director for Europe.  “That’s why we are constantly striving to engineer innovative components that medical device manufacturers can use to improve product design and set new standards for consumer safety. Our filter technology allows for the drug to dissolve safely, without the need for the tablet to be crushed or the capsule to be opened, which essentially can alter the release time and predetermined dosage.”

The POREX® filter is engineered to keep the pellet-based drug in place and to help push it through the transparent straw. When dipped into a drink, the filter’s hydrophobic nature prevents the pellets from clumping. The filter doesn’t start to absorb the liquid until there is pressure applied by sucking on the straw, and it travels to the upper position when finished to indicate the drug was completely consumed – a practical control function for the user or caregiver.

The XStraw is compact and flexible, making it easy to transport.  It’s suitable for a variety of applications including the pharmaceutical and medical fields, particularly for pediatrics, geriatrics and patients with dysphagia or internal blockages.

“With more than 50 percent of people young and old having problems taking pills, the XStraw becomes a game-changer for anyone seeking a simple and intuitive method for administering an exact dosing quantity,” said Dr. Elke Sternberger-Rützel of DS Technology.  “Through our partnership with Porex, we’re able to offer patients of all ages an effective way to ingest their medication safely and properly.”

The XStraw is currently in preparation for many countries all over the world. The countries where the XStraw will be available for patients first will be Switzerland, China and Middle East and North Africa.
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DS Technology GmbH, based in Winnenden near Stuttgart, markets the XStraw® and other medical and pharmaceutical products. The experts from DS Technology, with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, advise and support interested parties during the entire value creation. This helps with a fast and safe product launch.