PFOA-Free Membranes from Porex and Oxyphen Offer Safe, Innovative Material Solutions for Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare and Industrial Manufacturers

Naturally hydrophobic POREX® Virtek™ PTFE and Oxyphen’s track-etched and fiber-based membranes comply with new EU regulations without compromising product performance

(Fairburn, GA – September 10, 2020) To address ongoing concerns around potentially harmful perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and PFOA-related compounds, Porex, a global leader in porous polymer solutions, offers POREX Virtek® PTFE, a 100% pure PTFE membrane, and Oxyphen’s family of track-etched membranes (Unique-Mem® and RoTrac®) and RoTrac® fiber-based membranes, all free of PFOA.

Due to their superior durability, breathability and hydrophobicity, both Porex and Oxyphen technologies serve as a high-performance venting material used in a variety of applications in the automotive,  electronics, healthcare and industrial markets to relieve pressure while protecting enclosures from moisture or dust in the external environment.

Developed using a proprietary PTFE sintering process, POREX Virtek PTFE features an intricate network of open-celled, omni-directional pores that enable critical passage of small molecules such as air and water vapor while being naturally hydrophobic. Oxyphen’s hydrophobic track-etched membranes are microporous membranes made of polyester (PET) or polycarbonate (PC) that provide a precise control over both pore size and pore density, while their fiber-based membranes are ultra-hydrophobic for “macro-venting” applications requiring high air flow and dust protection.  

As of July 2020, the use of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)—specifically perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), PFOA-related compounds and its salts—is restricted by the EU. In addition, the Stockholm Convention has proposed these substances face international elimination. In the aftermath of these regulations, POREX Virtek PTFE and Oxphen’s track-etched membranes serve as optimal solutions for manufacturers seeking a water-resistant material, meeting strict PFOA-free standards that set a 25 ppb PFOA leachable limit.

“The new PFOA-free regulations emerging from the EU are the latest in a decades-long manufacturing balance between efficacy and safety. With the POREX Virtek PTFE membrane and Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes, our customers have two innovative venting options that deliver on both fronts without compromising on integrity,” said Avi Robbins, vice president, global product development and R&D at Porex. “Depending on what their application needs are, Porex can help manufacturers determine which material technology provides the best venting solution to enhance their device performance.”

POREX Virtek PTFE makes an ideal material solution for applications requiring optimized air flow and fluid control, such as medical or surgical devices, portable consumer electronics and outdoor electrical housing. Oleophobic versions of POREX Virtek PTFE that are also PFOA-free are available for applications involving direct contact with oils.

Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes are designed to enhance precision in device performance. In laboratory applications, these membranes are resistant to gamma-ray sterilization and effective for proper ventilation of cell cultures. They are also used in automotive applications to protect small motors or electronic control units by serving as a repellent against most liquids and by controlling airflow. Oxyphen was acquired by Filtration Group in May 2020.

To learn more about the different materials and their capabilities, visit and  Click here for Porex’s PFOA Free Statement, and click here for Oxyphen’s PFOA Free Statement.

About Porex Corporation

For nearly 60 years, Porex Corporation has been partnering with our customers to deliver engineering and design innovations that turn their product ideas into reality.  Through a collaborative engineering partnership, Porex develops high-value porous polymer solutions to their product design challenges in absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, reflectivity, venting, and wicking. By applying our extensive porous polymer material science, product design, and custom plastic manufacturing expertise to developing porous solutions, we help our customers overcome their complex product development challenges. As a result, over 1,500 customers in 65 countries trust Porex for their porous polymer technologies that can be used in a wide variety of applications in healthcare, consumer, electronics, and industrial industries to improve the performance of their end products and create a safer, healthier and more productive world.  Let our experience, quality, and innovation support your continued success by reaching out to us at

About Oxyphen

Founded in 1953, Oxyphen GmbH is a global leader in microporous track-etched and fiber-based membrane products.  Today, Oxyphen has over 60 employees in Switzerland and Germany and serves customers around the globe in the automotive, healthcare, and industrial markets.  Acquired by Filtration Group in 2020, Oxyphen’s main focus areas are the development and production of track-etched membranes and the processing and assembly of complete membrane devices.  Learn more about our membrane technologies and solutions by visiting us at

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Porex and Oxyphen PFOA Free Statement