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POREX® Offers New Design Options to Innovate Cosmetic Products at Cosmoprof Asia

Hong Kong, China (Nov. 14, 2017) – At today’s opening of the Cosmopack Asia venue of Cosmoprof Asia Porex Corporation (“POREX®”) will showcase an array of cutting-edge technologies to innovate cosmetics brands and solve design challenges. These advanced, solutions-driven designs will be displayed at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, Hall 8, Booth #8-A08, beginning today through Thursday, November 16.

Following the March 2017 acquisition of Porous Technologies, Porex has expanded its portfolio of products and capabilities to meet practically any cosmetics design challenge. Among the technologies Porex will feature is Nubiform®, a porous, flexible elastomer for applicators used with foundation, concealer, liquid eyeliner, lip stain and eyeshadow products. Porex will also feature its lineup of latex-free, super-soft foams that are ideal for a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products. In addition, Porex will also display innovative applicators and reservoirs that are engineered for the precise affinity of liquid makeup.

Nubiform blends form and functionality together through its unique open-cell structure. The pores within this breathable composition can be sized for optimal flow-through for water- to oil-based cosmetic formulations of any viscosity, resulting in uniform coverage and flawless application. Designers can utilize Nubiform in either a flat sheet or 3D form with a multilayer structure, both of which uphold the promise of precise liquid release and consistent, high-quality performance.

Designers can also choose to incorporate antimicrobial protection in Nubiform to combat the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. This POREX® Barrier Technology meets consumer demands for greater on-the-go hygiene and skincare-focused products.

Supersoft and hypoallergenic, POREX’s polyurethane foams are pleasing to the touch and soothing for the skin. Engineered to resist crumbling, POREX foams allow for customization of material shape, softness and color. The extensive range of options ensures that cosmetics designers select foam pieces tailored to their specific product needs and brand image.

POREX will also offer a wide selection of premium applicators and reservoirs that enhance the makeup application experience for consumers. Built for long-lasting durability, POREX applicators offer a uniform flow and consistency that is pleasing to use and feel. POREX can customize reservoirs with capillary structures that are optimized for the specific porosity of makeup formulations, providing a consistency in performance and a luxuriating consumer feel.

“Modern makeup brands are seeking tools to elevate their products and enhance the consumer experience,” says Rusty Martin, Global Strategic Marketing Director Consumer and Industrial Segments at POREX. “More than ever before, POREX offers a huge range of options that designers can leverage to innovate their cosmetics brands and bring a professional quality to consumers.”

To learn more about Nubiform, please visit nubiform.porex.com.

About Porex Corporation
Founded in 1961 and based in Fairburn, GA, POREX is a pioneer and global leader in the development and manufacturing of sintered porous plastic products. POREX products perform filtration, venting, wicking, diffusing, applying and absorption functions in applications such as medical devices, electronics, laboratory products, and a wide range of consumer products from cosmetics to sports padding.

POREX is widely recognized for its materials science expertise and proprietary designs which serve over 1,300 customers across more than 65 countries via operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Constant innovation, outstanding technological resources, commitment to quality and dedication to customer service distinguish Porex products as the standard of performance. For more information about Porex Corporation, visit porex.com.