Porex Virtek® PTFE Highly Reflective UV Materials Brochure

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UV is well known to disinfect air, water, and surfaces to reduce occurrence of viral, bacterial, and fungi microorganisms. Proper disinfection in any open or closed system design requires a specific mJ energy dose in the 220 – 280nm wavelength band, which is dependent on factors such as:
• High chamber irradiance levels from the UV source
• Residence time long enough to ensure microorganism exposed to dose
energy level
• Uniformity within reaction chamber to avoid underdosing or bypass
It is critical that the lining materials selected within the overall design support these factors in order to help optimize UV disinfection.

Download the brochure to discover the benefits of Porex Virtek® PTFE UV reflective materials that enhance the efficiency of your UV disinfection system.