Porex Virtek® PTFE Medical Materials and Filters Brochure

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The changing global healthcare environment requires differentiated, reliable and reproducible medical materials to help provide precision, accuracy and consistency in current and next generation medical devices.

POREX® Virtek™ Medical PTFE materials and filters are the performance tested and technologically advanced portfolio of porous materials designed specifically for use in today’s challenging medical-surgical device applications. POREX® Virtek™ Medical PTFE materials and filters, used in multiple applications, are
engineered for medical device functionality and reliability, and available with wide ranging capabilities in flow and filtration. These filters can be designed with optimal airflow, bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and fluid barrier features.

POREX’s unparalleled material science, engineering and manufacturing expertise, combined with internationally recognized quality and regulatory standards and six sigma disciplines, aids market driven product development and helps improve the market value of medical device products by providing
new, better or cost improved solutions. When performance counts, turn to POREX® Virtek™ Medical PTFE Materials & Filters and experience how POREX advances innovation and product outcomes and turns product ideas into reality

Download the brochure to explore cutting-edge Porex Virtek® Medical PTFE materials & filters, custom engineered for a wide range of applications including Infection Control, Injection Therapy, Dialysis, Topical & Drug Therapy, Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging, Orthopedics, Urology, and Ostomy Care, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability in the medical industry.