Eliminating Hazardous Glass Wool from Sensor Electrolyte Reservoirs

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Electrolyte reservoirs in electrochemical gas sensors have traditionally been manufactured with glass wool; however, in recent years, research has shown that glass wool can be hazardous to the health of the manufacturing workers in charge of assembling the sensors.  In addition, the glass wool assembly process is highly manual, leading to inefficiency and inconsistency in the final sensor.  In this tech brief, learn how not only to remove glass wool from your sensor assembly entirely but also to increase the efficiency and consistency of the reservoir assembly process.   High release media is a safer and more reliable bonded fiber material that streamlines production and eliminates health concerns around glass wool.  This tech brief is intended for design or manufacturing engineers developing gas sensors that require electrolyte reservoirs but are frustrated with glass wool and want to learn about other material options.

Eliminating Hazardous Glass Wool from Sensor Electrolyte Reservoirs

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