The Science Inside

Deliver Fragrance More Reliably and Safely with Porous Polymer Wicks

On-Demand Webinar

Why watch this on-demand webinar

The fragrance delivery of an air care device such as an odor eliminator or air freshener can be significantly impacted by the material used for the wick, which is designed to both absorb the liquid and then diffuse or disseminate the liquid into the air.  Poor design and material choice can result in product malfunction that will contribute to both resource waste and replacement costs – as well as customer dissatisfaction and negative brand recognition.

Porous polymers are used in several leading plug-in air freshener brands because they can be engineered to fit wicking and release rates specific to the air freshener device for a more reliable customer experience. In this webinar, learn from our application experts how the science inside air freshener wicks works and best practices that you can use in developing your next-gen air care device to provide a safer, more sustainable and cost-effective solution for your customers.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Understand how wicks function and their role in the overall performance of the air care device, including both active and passive diffusion
  • Explore how both sintered plastics and bonded fiber – two types of porous polymers – can be used in different ways to improve performance and safety
  • Learn the key areas to consider when choosing and designing an air freshener wick, including emanation profile, fragrance release rates, physical properties, and chemical compatibility – and how your needs will determine the best material
  • See how the use of ceramic wicks can cause air care devices to malfunction prematurely, reduce manufacturing productivity, and increase the possibility of litigation

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