POREX Virtek® PTFE - The better alternative to other cast and expanded membranes
See why POREX Virtek PTFE is a better option for your medical applications

If you need an alternative a discontinued or hard-to-source membrane, make the switch to POREX Virtek® PTFE membranes for added benefits that are not possible with many cast or expanded membranes.

The changing global healthcare environment requires differentiated, reliable and reproducible medical materials for increased precision, accuracy and consistency in current and next-generation medical devices. POREX Virtek Medical PTFE membranes are 100% pure PTFE, maintaining the purity of PTFE along with its natural chemical resistance and other material benefits. Our portfolio of Medical PTFE membranes is performance tested and specifically designed for medical-surgical device applications with optimal airflow, bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and fluid barrier features.

Easy to assemble due to sintered pore structure

  • Omni-directional
  • Safe to handle during assembly without fear of damaging
  • Can be mounted inside or outside of enclosure
  • No scrim or support backing required
  • Wide range of bonding techniques – adhesive backing, ultrasonic, insert molding, heat welding, or mechanical clamping

Design engineered for medical-surgical device applications

  • 100% pure PTFE with no interfering support layers
  • Hydrophobic surface naturally sheds water
  • >99.999% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
  • ASTM F 2638 conformity
  • ETO & steam sterilization compatible
  • Batch ID and date code printing available
  • Broad range of flow and filtration capabilities

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POREX Virtek PTFE Membrane Comparison to Pall® Versapor® R & Versapor® Membranes

FeaturePOREX Virtek PTFE Membrane
Versapor® R MembraneVersapor® Membrane
Naturally extremely hydrophobic YesNo (1)No (1)
100% pure PTFEYesNoNo
Durable sintered porous structure (2)YesNoNo
High temperature resistance (continuous up to 260°C)YesNoNo
Low thickness variation (3)YesNoNo
UL 94 flammability (V0) Certified (4)YesNoYes
Water naturally runs off either surface (5)YesNoNo
PFOA free Yes (6)IDID
Over 25 years of product availability (without reformulation) (7)YesNoNo

ID = Insufficient Data
(1) Requires secondary treatment to reach highest levels of hydrophobicity – Virtek does not
(2) Virtek has no shelf life or special handling instructions while Pall states 5 years and special handling instructions on some data sheets
(3) Virtek has much tighter published thickness specifications
(4) See ul.com under Porex for complete list of UL certified products
(5) Post hydrophobic treatment required and some supporting layers may retain water even after treatment
(6) Meets REACH regulations as PFOA free
(7) Virtex has always been 100% PTFE, Versapor has discontinued and reformulated their product over the past 25 years


FeaturePOREX Virtek PTFEExpanded PTFE
with no support*
Expanded PTFE
with support*
Naturally hydrophobic (IP-rated)YesYesYes
Sintered porous structureYesNoNo
High Temperature (>260 C)YesYesNo
High tensile strength
in all directions
Precise porosity and
thickness control
High UV and outdoor weather
resistance (UL 746C)
Meets UL 94 flammability (V0)YesYesNo
Secondary oleophobic treatment
meets AATCC
Water naturally runs
off surface
BenefitPOREX Virtek PTFEExpanded PTFE
with no support*
Expanded PTFE
with support*
Low flex fatigueYesNoYes
(can be installed any direction)
Heat weldingYesYesID
Vibrational weldingYesNoNo
Robust pore structure; safe to
handle during assembly
Can plate metallic or
other secondary layers
Mounting inside or
outside of enclosure

* There are numerous suppliers, variations and quality levels within these classes of materials and exeptions will occur.
U – Unknown
ID – Insufficient Data or can vary over life of product

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