The Science INSIDE Webinar Series
Expanding Your Possibilities: Die-Cutting, Converting & Assembling with Porous Polymers

Recorded on:
May 18, 2021
11:00pm ET

When developing your custom-engineered porous polymer components, it’s easy to focus only on the physical and chemical characteristics of the material itself. However, an area that is critical to understand as early as possible in the development process is how the final material will be assembled into the end product or device. One of the many benefits of porous polymers is their ability to be converted and assembled into end products via many different methods; however, each porous technology platform is unique in its converting and assembling capabilities. 

In this webinar, first learn the many possibilities of die-cutting and converting in a wide variety of applications – from chromatography frits to wicks to vents. Jaclyn Skagerlind from Interstate Specialty Products, one of Porex’s preferred converters, will take you through the different types of die-cutting used with porous polymers and what to consider when converting materials at different points in your product’s lifecycle. Then join Will Raybon, strategic market manager at Porex, to discuss how converting and assembly methods vary across the four porous polymer technology platforms – sintered porous plastics, porous fiber, porous foam, and porous membranes – and how to choose the best materials while keeping your end product’s assembly needs in mind.

What you’ll learn:

  • Explore how die-cutting works from a world-class converter of porous polymers
  • See the difference in converting & assembly options among the four porous technologies
  • Learn what to ask when designing your end product with porous polymers

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Hosted by:

Will Raybon is the Strategic Marketing Manager for New Electronics Products, Porex

Host Biography:

Will Raybon, Strategic Marketing Manager at Porex

Will Raybon is the Strategic Marketing Manager for New Electronics Products. He joined POREX in 2019. With an array of commercial experience covering global markets in a variety of industries in the manufacturing sector, Mr. Raybon has also developed new products for startups and major corporations alike. Mr. Raybon has his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jaclyn Skagerlind is Vice President of Interstate Specialty Products.

Host Biography:

Jaclyn Skagerlind, Vice President at Interstate Specialty Products (ISP)

Jaclyn is the Vice President and third generation leader of Interstate Specialty Products (ISP). ISP specializes in die cutting and converting non-metallic materials. Over the course of a 35 year relationship with Porex, ISP has gained significant expertise and ability to precisely convert Porex products. ISP maintains strong inventory levels of standard stock products of Porex sheets, rods, tubes, and Virtek vents & PTFE. Jaclyn has a robust background at ISP having worked there in different capacities throughout her life. Jaclyn has an accounting background with education from Bryant University and UCONN. She is a CPA with prior accounting experience at PwC.