The Science INSIDE Webinar Series
Master the Secret Weapon for Product Performance:
An Introduction to Porous Polymers

September 1, 2020

13:00 Malaysia Standard Time
14:00 Japan & Korea Standard Time
15:00 Australia Eastern Standard Time
10:30 India Standard Time

Porous polymers are the little-known science inside many of the products we use every day, providing key functionalities to products as diverse as coloring markers and diagnostic tests.  In this webinar, learn about the different types and functions of porous polymers and how they can be applied in just about any industry.  Join Avi Robbins, Porex vice president of product development and R&D, as he helps attendees explore how porous polymers can improve product performance across industries as varied as healthcare, electronics, and consumer products – and help them drive market differentiation in their industry.  

Perfect for design and manufacturing engineers who either have a potential product concept or need to fix a problem with an existing product, this webinar will explore the science behind porous polymers and how to select the right type of material for your application.   Attendees will learn about the differences between the three core technologies of porous polymers – sintered particles, bonded fiber, and open-cell foam – and how they are used inside finished products to absorb, apply, diffuse, filter, vent, or wick.   Achieving each of these functionalities requires different technical considerations for both designing and assembling the porous component into the final product.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Learn the differences between the three core technologies of porous polymers – sintered particles, bonded fiber, and open-cell foam
  • Understand how each technology can be used to achieve various functionalities in the end product application – including absorbing, applying, diffusing, filtering, venting, and wicking
  • Learn why pore size and pore volume matter to the end application
  • See the technology in action in specific application examples

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Avi Robbins

Host Biography:

Avi Robbins, Vice President of Global Product Development & R&D at Porex

Avi Robbins is the Vice President of Global Product Development and R&D. He joined POREX in 2010. Mr. Robbins has an array of technical and commercial experience in a variety of material and manufacturing technologies as well as markets globally. He was previously with Facet Technologies, an Atlanta based Medical Device Design and Manufacturing company focusing in the diabetes space holding a variety of positions such as R&D Management, Operations Engineering Management, and Program Management. Mr. Robbins has his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology as well as a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) from Emory University.