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Aerosol Barrier Pipette Tip Filters Lead the Way in COVID-19 Testing

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March 27, 2020

By Maria DeCapua, VP of Strategic Marketing – Laboratory Sciences

Pipette tips, the most utilized product in just about every clinical and research laboratory, are used to transfer a precise amount of a patient sample (or any type of sample) from Point A to Point B. Paramount in this transfer – whether using hand-held single, multi-channel or electronic pipetters or using automated liquid handing instruments – is the issue of avoiding cross contamination and a resulting false positive or false negative result. This is where Porex’s pipette tip filters come into play.  The use of filtered or aerosol barrier pipette tips by the laboratory prevents contamination and the entry of infectious aerosols into samples and testing equipment – a requirement that is particularly critical in high-stakes disease pathogens such as COVID-19.

The new COVID-19 tests – approved under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization – utilizes a type of PCR technology (polymerase chain-reaction) that measures RNA rather than DNA. These assays detect the presence of COVID-19 in RNA purified from patient samples. In this process, only pipette tips with filters or aerosol barrier pipette tips are mandated for use in order to reduce the risk of aerosol-related contamination. In situations where the test results are being used to detect the presence of pathogens as well as COVID-19, false readings can cause immense damage. If the original sample becomes tainted in any way, all the subsequent copies will also be inaccurate, potentially leading to an incorrect diagnosis.

Porex has been manufacturing filters for aerosol barrier pipette tips for over 25 years and is the leading global supplier backed by the CERTIFIED PURE POREX® program of third-party independent laboratory testing. Our pipette tip filters are used by leading instrument, assay, diagnostic and analytical manufacturers around the world.

I’m proud to say that our POREX® pipette tip filters make the world safer, healthier and more productive by setting a new standard of purity in protecting COVID-19 patient samples from aerosol cross contamination and sample carryover.  Our filters help to ensure more reliable and accurate test results for thousands of people relying on these tests around the world.