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    What Makes a Plug-In Air Freshener Work?

    Check out a video that shows the porous polymers inside a plug-in air freshener and how they make it work!

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    Porous Membranes: A Comprehensive Guide

    Porous membranes are critical in many industries, providing efficient filtration and separation solutions. These membranes are engineered to allow certain substances to pass through while blocking others, making them vital in applications such as venting and filtration. This blog post will examine porous membranes and discuss the materials used in their construction, their primary uses, […]

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    What Is the Difference Between ePTFE and Sintered PTFE?

    Understand the difference between two types of porous PTFE - ePTFE and sintered PTFE - and how their individual benefits relate to protection vents across many industries.

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    Advancing Healthcare Safety Through Enhanced Viral Filtration in Medical Devices

    In the realm of healthcare, where the lives and well-being of patients and medical professionals are paramount, the conversation about medical devices’ safety and efficiency has never been more critical. As advancements in medical technology continue to evolve, so too does the need for enhanced viral filtration in medical devices. The ability to effectively filter […]

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    Introduction to Pore Size & Flow in Porous Media

    In porous plastics, pores are the solid surface openings through which gases, liquids, and smaller particles can flow. The morphology—size, shape, spatial arrangement, and connectivity of these pores—can significantly impact the movement of particles throughout a porous media. This article will outline the various types of pores, including their accessibility, impact on flow efficiency, measurement, […]

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    What Is Microfiltration? Purpose, Types & Use Cases

    Microfiltration technologies have transformed various industries, including healthcare and manufacturing, by efficiently separating micron-sized particles from solutions. At the core of this process are porous polymers, which play a pivotal role in achieving high levels of purity and quality. Microfiltration addresses the need for precise separation of solids and liquids in complex mixtures, ensuring exceptional […]

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    Adhesive Membrane Solutions for Venting and Filtration

    Venting and filtration solutions are vital components in various industries, ensuring optimal performance and product integrity. Among these solutions, adhesive membranes stand out as a versatile and efficient option. From their innovative assembly methods to their low environmental impact, adhesive membranes offer a range of benefits that make them a compelling choice for businesses. Diving […]

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    Gas Absorbing Materials: Innovative Solutions for Filters and Vents

    Gas-absorbing materials are a crucial aspect of material science. With the advent of innovative technologies and materials, these absorbing agents have proven to be highly efficient in removing target gases. This post aims to explore the intricate world of these absorbing agents by examining their characteristics and applications An Overview of Gas-Absorbing Materials Gas absorption […]

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    Porex Featured in Nature for Sample Collection from Alternative Sample Types

    Diagnostics is undergoing a persistent shift towards point-of-care testing, revolutionizing the traditional model of centralized laboratory diagnostics. The integration of portable and user-friendly diagnostic devices enables tests directly at the patient's location, reducing turnaround times and improving accessibility. This shift is fostering a more patient-centric approach to diagnostics, with a focus on timely results, efficient decision-making, and enhanced overall healthcare delivery.

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    Filtration Efficiency: What Is It and Why It’s Important

    Filtration efficiency is a critical factor in many industries and plays a vital role in ensuring the filters work efficiently. In this article, we will explore what filtration efficiency is, its importance, and how Porex can help you overcome filtration design challenges with customizable solutions.

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