Oil & Gas
Filter solutions for your oil and gas requirements.
Oil & Gas
Filter solutions for your oil and gas requirements.

Highly efficient filters for your oil or gas application

Manufacturers across the oil and gas industry trust Porex for its broad portfolio of filtration media.  From bonded fiber to porous plastic media, customizable filtering solutions from Porex can meet your specific needs.

Our filtration media for the oil and gas industry are:

  • Designed for high filtration efficiencies
  • Self-supporting media to enable easier assembly
  • Offer options for water or oil separation
  • Manufactured to your specific application requirements to ensure highly efficient filtration.
Water Seperation Media

Water Separation Media

Separate water easily from your oil or gas streams

Protection Vents

Protection Vents

Protect your gearbox venting system

Water Seperation Media

Water Separation Media

Separate water easily from your oil and gas streams

From bonded fiber to sintered porous media, Porex creates media to separate or filter water from oil and gas streams.

Specifically designed for your oil and gas application, our water separation media:

  • Reduce material usage – Porex bonded fiber material products can replace the need for multiple medi layers commonly found in oil/water separation filters.
  • Self support – Filters can be self-supporting and customized into various shapes and sizes.

Protection Vents

Gearbox Vents and Filters

Protect your gearbox venting system

Porex provides standard and custom-finished gearbox venting solutions for your gearbox challenges. These venting and filtration solutions can vary from simple protection vents to vents containing media for specific moisture or fume absorption to vents for separating oil mists. The material is customizable to your specific gearbox venting application and can incorporate functional additives for optimized performance. 

Dimensions Material Series
OD/ID (mm)* PMV10L PMV15 PMV20 PMV30
7.0/3.0 (N) PMV10LN PMV15N PMV20N PMV30N
10.0/7.0 (I) PMV10LI PMV15I PMV20I PMV30I
12.7/7.1 (W) PMV10LW PMV15W PMV20W PMV30W
20.0/13.0 (C) PMV10LC PMV15C PMV20C PMV30C


Dimensions Material Series
OD/ID (mm)* PMV15 Feature
12.7/7.1 (W) PMV15WH High temperature adhesive
12.7/7.1 (W) PMV15TWH Oleophobic with high temp adhesive
*1000 discs/roll
N, I, W & C are size codes.
Many other standard and custom sizes availble. Contact Porex.


POREX Virtek® PTFE Membrane Application Materials — Typical Properties
Application Material IP Rating † WEP mbar Airflow l/hr/cm² @70mbar Filtration Efficiency** >99.99% Thickness mm Max Operating Temp °C UL-94/746C* Salt Fog
PMV10 64,67 270 125 0.5 µ 0.13 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
PMV10L*** 64,67 270 85 0.5 µ 0.3 100°C No pen.
PMV15 64,67 380 70 0.4 µ 0.18 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
‡PMV15T 64,67 380 70 0.4 µ 0.18 260°C No pen.
PMV20 64,65,68 520 34 0.1 µ 0.25 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
PMV25 65,67,68 750 15 0.2 µ 0.1 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
PMV30 65,66,67,68 1000 4.5 0.1 µ 0.25 260°C V-0/f2 No pen.
WEP = Water Entry Pressure
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant
** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing
† IEC std. 60529, IP 68 is a user defined test; will pass condition dependent
‡ Oleophobic, AATCC TM 118 – Grade 8
Properties are typical and not meant for specifications.
Properties for membrane only, selected options and adhesives may affect properties.
Testing results available upon request


POREX Virtek PTFE Vent Plugs — Typical Properties
Part # Diameter mm Thickness mm WEP mbar IP Rating † Vent Airflow l/hr/cm² @70mbar Max Operating Temp °C UL-94 Rating
PD103032 3.2 3 450 64,67,68 1 260°C 5VA, f1
Plugs meet UL-94 5VA and F1 rating.
Assembly methods include: press fit, over-moulding, compression seal, or flange welding.


Adhesive Vent Available Sizes
Available Sizes
OD (in mm) ID (in mm)
7 3
10 7
10.2 6.5
11 7
12.7 7.1
13 10
14.8 11
14.8 7
15.8 9
16 11
18 13
18.6 10.6
19.1 11.5
20 13
25.4 19
50 30

*Highlighted rows indicate stock items.

Custom sizes available upon request

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