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New Porous Material Makes Over Cosmetic Dip Applicators

Fairburn, GA (November 14, 2017) – A new applicator material that combines flexibility and improved liquid retention is redefining the traditional dip tube applicator. Nubiform®, a porous elastomer from Porex Corporation (“POREX®”), is an ideal material for applicator tips being used with liquid-based makeup like foundations, concealers and lip stains. The material has the potential to increase application speed and provide uniform product coverage, saving time and hassle for consumers and enhancing brand performance. 

With its open-cell, adjustable structure, Nubiform offers new design possibilities for cosmetics brands who have until now been saddled with traditional doe foot dip applicators. Common dip applicator tips, made from solid plastic and covered in a layer of flocking, can only hold a small amount of liquid at one time. The porous composition of Nubiform allows for increased liquid retention, meaning that makeup wearers can dip fewer times to retrieve the desired amount of product.

Pore sizes can also be altered to optimize flow-through for formulations of various textures and viscosities. Brands can therefore customize the structure of Nubiform to control the release of any liquid makeup, from thinner lip stains to thick full-coverage foundations. These tailored flow-through rates result in faster and more even transfer of product from the dip tube to the skin.

Cosmetics brands can also customize Nubiform applicator tip shapes and create sharp angles that cannot be created with traditional dip tube manufacturing processes. For makeup products that require extreme precision, this option can help customers achieve clean edges and spend less time fixing errors after application.

“Dip applicators made with Nubiform not only reduce application time and frustration for customers, but also allow products to shine the way they can’t with traditional dip tube applicators,” says Rusty Martin, Global Strategic Marketing Director Consumer and Industrial Segments at POREX®. “The material’s innovative blend of shape flexibility and smooth product transfer open up many doors for cosmetics brands looking to elevate product performance.”

To learn more about Nubiform, visit nubiform.porex.com.

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