Porex Earns Rising Star New Product Award from InnoBeauty for its Revolutionary Nubiform™ Cosmetics Technology

Porex Corporation

Nubiform Cosmetics Technology

(Fairburn, GA June 13, 2019) – Porex, the global leader in porous polymer solutions, has won the Rising Star New Product Award from InnoBeauty for its advanced Nubiform™ applicator, the first of its kind for the cosmetics industry.

A flexible and soft material that gives customers optimal flow-through capabilities for liquid formulations, this high-performance elastomer breaks new ground by offering designers an alternative to foams and foam-like products that are used in numerous cosmetics and skin care applicators today.

Porex will accept the Rising Star New Product Award at the InnoBeauty Awards Ceremony on June 13, taking place during the InnoBeauty Asia Summit in Shangai, China.“Porex is truly honored to be recognized by Innobeauty for its Nubiform technology,” said Mirja Jackson, Porex’s Global Strategic Marketing Director – Cosmetics & Air Care. “Our goal is to closely collaborate with our customers to engineer high-value solutions. With tests proving our innovative elastomeric material offers better delivery of liquid formulations with a softer sensation upon every use, many global cosmetic, beauty and personal care packaging companies and brands are excited to introduce their product to market with a Nubiform applicator.”

The open-cell structure of Nubiform enables brands to uniquely shape applicators to meet their packaging needs and the application needs of the cosmetics consumer. The elastomeric material maintains its multi-layer porous structure in both flat sheet and three-dimensional form, enabling optimized flow-through of a large spectrum of makeup formulations.

Nubiform can also be produced in a variety of colors. These shades won’t bleed or wash out — offering a full range of options for tailored branding and a new user experience for the consumer.

Additional customizations include flocking and antimicrobial protection through the addition of Porex® Barrier Technology, which can reduce the potential for harmful spread of germs between the skin and a makeup product.

Porex has a long history of offering functional components to the beauty industry from color cosmetics to skin care. To learn more, visit www.porex.com.

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