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    EV Venting Membranes Brochure

    Learn about Porex Virtek PTFE EV battery venting membranes as a cutting-edge solution for battery safety, longevity, and performance.

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    Chemical Compatibility Chart – Polymer Comparison

    Access our comprehensive chemical compatibility chart, a valuable resource for comparing different polymers based on their chemical compatibility.

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    Membrane Chemical Compatibility Guide

    A reference guide comparing the chemical compatibility of track-etched, casted (PES) and PTFE membranes.

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    EV Battery Safety Burst Vents Case Study

    An application case study highlighting EV battery safety and the role of burst vents in mitigating battery fires caused by thermal runaway and off-gassing. Explore how Porex is at the forefront of improving global EV battery safety standards through its innovative venting components.

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    Automotive ECU Enclosure Protection Case Study

    A case study focusing on automotive ECU enclosure protection and the role of Porex Virtek PTFE IP-rated venting solutions in ensuring lasting protection from extreme environments.

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    Porex – Your Partner in Innovation Video

    Explore Porex’s engineering and design solutions as they bring customer product ideas to life. With a collaborative approach, Porex partners with customers to tackle intricate design challenges, including absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking with unmatched material science expertise and unwavering support.

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    PTFE Video Venting Series: Porex Virtek PTFE vs ePTFE in a Battery Safety Vent Emergency Situation

    A short video highlighting the advantages of Porex Virtek® PTFE over ePTFE in battery safety vent emergency situations.

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    PTFE Venting Video Series: Water Handling Demonstration – Porex Virtek PTFE vs ePTFE

    A short video highlighting the hydrophobic properties of Porex Virtek® sintered PTFE over expanded PTFE (ePTFE) and understand the unique advantages it offers.

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    PTFE Venting Video Series: Vented Bubbler Demo with Porex Virtek IP Protection Vents

    Learn about the capabilities of Porex Virtek® Sintered PTFE IP-rated protection vents. Explore how this innovative solution effectively prevents water intrusion in automotive and consumer electronic devices while simultaneously providing essential venting capabilities.

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    PTFE Venting Video Series: Durability Comparison of Porex Virtek PTFE vs. Expanded PTFE

    Discover the unmatched strength and handling of Porex Virtek® Sintered PTFE compared to expanded PTFE. With its unique porous structure, Porex Virtek® offers exceptional durability, optimal airflow, and superior protection for electrical, industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

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