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    What Makes a Plug-In Air Freshener Work?

    Check out a video that shows the porous polymers inside a plug-in air freshener and how they make it work!

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    ReadyGo Diagnostics initiates volume manufacturing of its sample collection and preparation device with Porex

    ReadyGo Diagnostics Ltd. (ReadyGo™), an innovator in diagnostic technology solutions, is excited to announce a strategic manufacturing partnership with Porex, a global leader in custom-engineered porous polymer solutions.

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    Porex: The Perfect Fit

    Experience the potential of customizable porous media by partnering with Porex. Our functional solutions help manufacturers overcome complex product design challenges and bring products to market faster. From advanced filtration media to cutting-edge fluid management, our unmatched material science expertise and extensive global manufacturing network help you unlock new frontiers of innovation and efficiency. With […]

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    Porex Featured in Nature for Sample Collection from Alternative Sample Types

    Diagnostics is undergoing a persistent shift towards point-of-care testing, revolutionizing the traditional model of centralized laboratory diagnostics. The integration of portable and user-friendly diagnostic devices enables tests directly at the patient's location, reducing turnaround times and improving accessibility. This shift is fostering a more patient-centric approach to diagnostics, with a focus on timely results, efficient decision-making, and enhanced overall healthcare delivery.

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    Filtration Efficiency: What Is It and Why It’s Important

    Filtration efficiency is a critical factor in many industries and plays a vital role in ensuring the filters work efficiently. In this article, we will explore what filtration efficiency is, its importance, and how Porex can help you overcome filtration design challenges with customizable solutions.

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    Fiber Matrix: Using Porous Fiber for Fluid Management

    Fiber matrix is a material known for its unique characteristics and versatile applications. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of porous polymer fiber, starting with an understanding of what it is and its manufacturing process.

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    The Many Paths Towards Sustainability

    You’ve no doubt heard the word ‘sustainability’ recently.  It’s one of the latest topics concerning manufactured products.  Can it be more environmentally friendly?  Can it be recycled?  Is it biodegradable or compostable?  All of these answers add up to a sustainable product.  For some manufacturers, it’s easy to design from scratch, keeping in mind the […]

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    p-BNC: Flexible Platform for Microfluidic Testing White Paper

    Advances in lab-on-a-chip systems have strong potential for detection of a wide range of analytes with reduced sample and reagent volume, lower costs and shorter analysis times. The completion of high-fidelity multiplexed and multiclass assays remains a huge challenge for the medical microdevice field, as it struggles to achieve and expand upon results that are […]

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    Soft Mist Inhaler for COPD Management Case Study

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [COPD] is a common disease characterized by persistentrespiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, or tightness in the chest that typically causes breathing toget worse over time. While the condition is treatable, prevention does involve daily medication to ensureairways remain open. The technical challenge brought to Porex was to develop a porous […]

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    Your Partner in Cosmetics Innovation Video

    Discover the power of porous polymers in cosmetics innovation and hear firsthand from makeup artists as they share their experiences with Porex’s breadth of high-performance cosmetics applicators.

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