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Intake Reagent Filter

Pure component materials designed to meet or exceed the tightest analytical performance requirements

Increase lab efficiency with disposable intake reagent filters 

Clinical science products, media, and filters from Porex are engineered for each customer to help ensure performance, purity, accuracy, and reproducibility in demanding IVD, molecular and clinical diagnostic sample preparation, liquid handling, and microfluidic applications.

Our disposable Porex Intake Reagent Filter removes particles wherever reagent is drawn from a master storage bottle, whether with automated instrumentation, bench-top dispensers, or attached to an equipment line. Available in a wide range of pore sizes and filters, this technology filters particulate matter down to 10 microns, helping lab technicians protect sample integrity with CERTIFIED PURE POREX® materials.

InTake Filters

Options for intake reagent filters

Key Features & Benefits

    • CERTIFIED PURE POREX® – Component materials certified by independent test labs to minimize the risk of material interference and ensure optimal performance, accuracy, and reproducibility.

    • Easy Manufacturing – Our component materials can be easily inserted into your device using common manufacturing techniques, including press fitting, heat staking, and ultrasonic welding.

    • Disposable Filters in Convenient Packaging – Intake filters are available in several quantities.
        • Container Size – 55 pieces

        • Bulk Size – 1,000 pieces

POREX INTAKE® Reagent Filter
Catalog No. Packaging
6603 Container of 55 filters
6965 Container of 1,000 filters
Porous Laboratory Components

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