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High Performance Foams for Scar Management

Porex is one of the largest global medical foam manufacturers, producing our own prepolymers which serve as the base materials for our scar healing and reduction materials. Using our material science expertise, our team of engineers can support your scar management needs using foams that combine the tensile strength of pressure therapy with the ideal moisture and oxygen levels for healing.

Scar Management Foams

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Redefining the Capabilities of foam with Open-Cell Technology

Our advanced, semi-occlusive wound care foam matrix protects wounds while allowing them to breath, all while promoting moisture therapy.


Scar Management Foams
Product # SUPERSOFT®
P/N 902007
HSS X-7®
P/N 901036
HSS X-7®
P/N 901035
HSS X-7®
P/N 901023
HSS X-7®
P/N 901001
HSS X-7®
P/N 901009
Tensile Break Force 3.74 kg
(8.25 lbs)
1.00 kg
(2.21 lbs)
1.68 kg
(3.70 lbs)
3.27 kg
(7.21 lbs)
4.06 kg
(8.95 lbs)
4.93 kg
(10.9 lbs)
Elongation at Break 260% 335% 335% 335% 370% 370%
Cell Count
(Top Surface)
190 PPI units 180 PPI units 180 PPI units 180 PPI units 168 PPI units 168 PPI units
Free Swell
g/100 cm2
g/100 cm2
g/100 cm2
g/100 cm2
Complete testing data and information is available upon request


Scar Management Foams

Scar Reduction

Porex’s HSS X-7® foams provide the perfect moisture and pressure levels for scar reduction.

• Lower porosity for higher moisture levels
• 350% elongation makes application for pressure therapy easier
• Lower density makes for more comfortable, less obtrusive daily wear

  • Polyurethane foams
  • Customizable shapes, thicknesses, softness, & absorbencies
Medisponge supersoft foams

Pressure Ulcers & Nerve Damage

Porex’s SUPERSOFT® semi-occlusive foam matrix protects wounds while allowing them to breathe – all while promoting moisture therapy. This material is ideal for protecting patients from pressure ulcers and nerve damage.

  • Latex-free foam
  • Ideal for early healed and newly healed wounds
  • Super-soft velvety touch
  • Polyurethane foams
  • Customizable shapes, thicknesses, softness, & absorbencies

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