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Porex to Showcase the Science of Ink Flow Management At Paperworld

Frankfurt, Germany (January 25, 2019) – At Paperworld today, Porex Corporation (“Porex”), a market leader and innovator in advanced porous solutions, is offering a rare glimpse into the science of ink flow management upon which coloring, highlighter, whiteboard, and permanent markers rely for their user experience.

One notable innovation is the new high-efficiency reservoir technology designed to create more sustainable, cost-effective markers while improving their end-of-life indication. This patent-pending solution can help writing-instrument manufacturers use up to 10 percent less ink per marker. These high-efficiency reservoirs will be particularly desirable for use in whiteboard and permanent markers, given the higher price of the required ink, but will save money in virtually all instances.

“Porex developed the unique capability to design custom nib and reservoir combinations that act as an optimized two-component system” said Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director at Porex. “But the latest innovation we are enabling for the world’s leading writing instrument manufacturers is the ability to save them up to 10 percent on ink, which is often their largest component cost.”

“The key to the ultimate writing experience is understanding how the science behind the perfect porosity and capillarity of the nibs pairs with the optimal fiber type and density of the reservoirs,” Martin continued.

About Porex Corporation

Porex Corporation, part of Filtration Group, takes pride in 50 years of partnering with our customers to deliver engineering and design innovations that turn their product ideas into reality. Through a collaborative engineering partnership, Porex develops high-value solutions to our customers’ product design challenges in absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking. These material solutions have formed the basis of writing instruments since our first sintered particle nibs produced over 50 years ago. With unmatched engineering experience, stringent regulatory and quality standards, and an extensive global footprint, POREX® solutions form the standard of material excellence to bring your next product to life – and create a safer, healthier, and more productive world. Visit Porex at www.porex.com.