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    Advanced Wound Care Foam Brochure

    Explore Porex’s cutting-edge advanced wound care foam technology, a medical-grade foam custom engineered for acute and chronic wounds.

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    The Many Paths Towards Sustainability

    You’ve no doubt heard the word ‘sustainability’ recently.  It’s one of the latest topics concerning manufactured products.  Can it be more environmentally friendly?  Can it be recycled?  Is it biodegradable or compostable?  All of these answers add up to a sustainable product.  For some manufacturers, it’s easy to design from scratch, keeping in mind the […]

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    Your Partner in Cosmetics Innovation Video

    Discover the power of porous polymers in cosmetics innovation and hear firsthand from makeup artists as they share their experiences with Porex’s breadth of high-performance cosmetics applicators.

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    Porex – Your Partner in Medical Innovation Video

    Watch this video to see the breadth of custom healthcare component innovation made possible by Porex’s porous polymers and material science expertise. Discover the extensive range of customized functional solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare applications.

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    Porex – Your Partner in Innovation Video

    Explore Porex’s engineering and design solutions as they bring customer product ideas to life. With a collaborative approach, Porex partners with customers to tackle intricate design challenges, including absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking with unmatched material science expertise and unwavering support.

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    Medical Solutions Brochure

    Discover the range of Porex medical-grade porous materials and filters designed for various applications such as infection prevention, injection therapy, dialysis, topical drug applicators, urology and ostomy care, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the medical field.

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    Life Science Applications Media and Filters Brochure

    Explore Porex’s range of media and filters for life science applications including liquid handling, chromatography, SPE, separation, affinity, and DNA/RNA purification and extraction.

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    Porex Takes Home 2019 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award from the PDMA

    Dec. 16, 2019 We were honored to accept the OCI Award from the PDMA along with the Gorilla Glue Company.

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    What is Porous Plastic?

    Explore what porous plastic means, the types of porous plastic, and what types of functions it can provide in an end product.

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