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Conjugate Pads


Improved conjugate release with optimized handling, manufacturing, and performance

Conjugate pads consistently and efficiently absorb and release for more accurate downstream detection

Conjugate Pad Material

The conjugate pads in lateral flow assays (LFA) absorb functionalized conjugate and release it efficiently and reproducibly when the assay is run. Therefore, consistent uptake and release rate of the conjugate, as well as diminished non-specific binding, are key requirements. One of the most important influences from the conjugate pad material is its play in developing a consistent control and test line in every single test. We offer a synthetic polyolefin fiber that consistently and efficiently absorbs and releases conjugate to allow for accurate downstream detection. POREX conjugate pads have demonstrated complete release for varying types of labels, including gold or latex.

The robustness of the material ensures an easy adaption for reel-to-reel applications, as well as soaking and spraying processing steps. POREX conjugate pads do not include any glass fiber or cellulose, which ensures increased strength and durability for manufacturing.

  • Complete release of conjugate generating strong test and control line signal
  • Robust material, ensuring an easy adaption for reel-to-reel applications
  • Superior tensile strength when wet; ideal for soaking or spraying processing
  • Improved material consistency, both within lot and lot-to-lot
  • Wide range of customized length, thickness, and density for challenging applications
  • Pretreatments including buffering and stabilizing agents available for ease of manufacturing
  • Can be designed to integrate sample collection pad or conjugate pad into one item
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Physical Properties:

Basis Weight
Capillary Rise
C520 0.6 0.090.515.07.0
Note: Customization of thickness and/or density available

Formats available:

  • Sheets
  • Rolls – custom widths available
  • Strips – cut to custom geometry

Additive options:

Custom pretreatments available, including buffering and surfactant  

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